Are you at a monetary crossroads? Are you ready to take the first step–only, you’re not sure which direction to go? Are you ready to take the next step–only, you’re not confident about which step is the right step?

I’m a CPA and a CFP® Professional with over 13 years of experience in the Financial Services industry. I would love to be your sounding board, your advocate, and your cheerleader. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, I am here to help you align your finances with your personal values. As we work together, I will help translate your money goals into an actionable Financial Plan. That’s when the really fun part starts – the part where we use your plan to identify simple, realistic steps that you can take in order to accomplish the things that really matter to you. Because when your money goals support your values, your financial accomplishments truly support you in living your best life.

In the third and final phase of our partnership, we will work on IMPLEMENTING & MONITORING YOUR FINANCIAL PLAN.

This is where having a financial advocate really counts. Sure, we worked together to define your meaningful goals and create an achievable set of to-do’s that will make them happen. But this is where things get messy.

We have our Plan. But life is busy. It’s hard to set aside the time and mental space to make progress toward your financial goals, no matter how clear and simple the To-Do List might be. Honestly, it’s hard to set aside the time to get the laundry off the floor.

I’m here to help.

Not with your laundry (I need to do mine, first) – but with your financial To-Do’s.

We’re in Phase 3.

The only sure thing is that things will change. But change isn’t a reason to throw out your Financial Plan! Rather, it’s just an opportunity to revisit it, and to tweak it, in order to make sure it continues to work for you.

My role in this phase is whatever you want it to be, or whatever you need it to be. If you’re fortunate enough to have a series of months with no major life changes, I can just help you make progress with your To-Do’s. You might need help opening new accounts, researching credit cards, applying for (or paying down) loans, staying within your budget, or any number of things. These are all things I’m good at!

Or, if you’re going through some life changes (new house, new job, aging parents, new baby, and so on), I can be of help there too. We’ll probably start by discussing your values again, because it is precisely these kinds of life events that can cause your values to shift. And we might need to take a look at your existing goals in the context of some new goals that cropped up. Your To-Do list will probably change a bit – as it should. Because it’s about keeping you on the right track, not the old track.

If you like my perspective, and if you’d like to talk in detail about how I could help you align your finances to your values-based goals in order to live your best life, then please get in touch. I’d love to be on Team You.

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