Your salary is a major component of your savings potential. In this article from CentSai, Will Lipovsky explores the basics of wealth accumulation. I suggest that a modest investment – in yourself! – may generate some of your most exciting returns.

Many articles today try to offer their readers “hacks” or “tricks” for approaching common personal finance issues. But when your budget has already been cut to the bone, it may be time to face some hard truths. In this article from the OppLoans Personal Finance Blog, I share some thoughts on how to tackle the un-hackable budget equation.


If you’re new to financial planning, it can be daunting to find an advisor that fits your personality and needs. Benilyn Formoso-Suralta from FitSmallBusiness has compiled advice from a wide array of financial planners, and I was honored to contribute. In the article, I counsel new clients to think about the big picture, and ask, “What are the total costs of each plan?”


Many clients are dissatisfied with their financial planners, despite robust investment returns. Brian O’Connell at Advisor News asked why. I explained how a satisfying advisor-client relationship is holistic, and goes beyond simple investment management.